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News report on RBB TV News Channel:

Click on this link to open the above TV news report, in which coverage of item on Long Night begins at 1:18.

Summary of the TV clip in English, kindly provided by the learned Dr Gerdien Jonker, Ph.D.

Berlin celebrates tonight a very special Long Night, the ‘Long Night of Religions’. More than 60 houses (of worship) will be opened: churches, mosques, Buddhist, Bahai and Sikh centres, but not the synagogues since they already had a ‘Long Night’ in August.
This week, a Rabbi was attacked on the street. To express their resentment, many people took out a procession to show their solidarity.

1. Screenshot: a flash-mob wearing kippas showing their solidarity on Kurfürstendamm (Saturday

2. Screenshot of Brienner Mosque: (Voice) This mosque was built in the 1920s.

3. Screenshot of a nun: We very rarely come to the mosques. We live in a convent. We cannot go into a mosque all that easily. This is a good occasion to see one from the inside and to meet people.

4. Screenshot of man standing in the Mosque garden: “I love this initiative; one has a chance to come in places that mostly exercise social closure, and that I would not go into them all that easily. It is very nice here, very open. Otherwise I would not trust myself to go inside.”

5. Screenshot of Mr Shahid Aziz: “Islam means Peace. That is the message that should go from us tonight.”