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Some events in brief during August 2016

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Graveyard ceremony

The District Government of Wilmersdorf has allocated a tract of land for Graveyard for Muslims. I was invited for the inauguration ceremony, which was on 1st August. I was the only Imam who represented Muslims and thanked the Government for this great favour. The allocated land has space for three hundred and thirty graves. It was a big ceremony. The media were invited and the programme was telecast on RBB television. A Muslim representative from India also attended the Ceremony. The Mayor and other participants thanked me for participation in the inauguration Ceremony.

Photographs from the ceremony

Visit of Ulema of Turkey

On 22nd August a group of Ulema from Turkey visited the mosque and Mission House. They stayed in the Mission House for one hour and over a cup of coffee we discussed AAIIL. They asked questions and wanted a Turkish Quran translation of Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib which was presented to two of them. They discussed everything in Arabic, which they learnt in their homeland.

They had good knowledge about AAIIL. In the photograph a man wearing a pink shirt took them in the mosque with him. He told that he was a student of Ch. Saeed Ahmad sahib (former Imam of the Berlin Mosque) and appreciated him a lot. It was a nice and encouraging meeting that in an Islamic country like Turkey Ulema are aware of our literature and beliefs. They prayed Zuhr in the mosque and thanked us for the Quran. They took pictures of Hazrat Mirza sahib, Hazrat Maulana Nur-ud-Din and Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib as well.

Group from Belgium

From 23rd to 28th August a group of 12 students with four guides from Belgium stayed in our Mission House. It was their education and recreational trip to Berlin organized by an organization Koning Kevin . It was a great success for the Mission and AAIIL. Within one week they did all work of Mission house and Mosque. They cleaned the house and cut the grass and organized the Mosque. They attended Friday Sermon, which was prepared for them. They offered Prayer with us and asked many questions.

During one week their view about Islam was changed. I was surprised that on last day they handed over a booklet to me which is comprised of their views about their stay in the mosque. These views are a glowing example of the most effective teachings of Hazrat Mirza sahib about Islam. I advised them that they should never blame Islam for the wrong doings of its followers. There is a possibility that any one among them be in an important position in their country in future. This will give you a fair idea about the importance of our Mission.

Reading their comments, keep in mind that it’s not I but the Founder of our Movement who is mentioned because I am just a humble servant.

The group from Belgium listening to the sermon

Group standing outside Mosque

Cutting grass

Comments by the group