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Events in August & September 2018

Reports, photographs and brief video clips

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque


Above: Current views of the Mosque after latest renovation

(A fuller report in Urdu, but in text only, is available at this link.)

Evangelische Militärseelsorge Oldenburg Visitors

On 15th August more than 25 members of Evangelische Militärseelsorge from Oldenburg under the guidance of Military Pastor Mr. Andreas Spelmeyer visited the Mosque. After my presentation, the question-answer session lasted for an hour. Oldenburg is in northwest of Germany. It was a very nice and talented group. A copy of the German translation of the Holy Quran was presented to the leader.

Participation in Breakfast

On 18th August the Member of Parliament of our area Mr.Klaus-Dieter Gröhler hosted a breakfast for all religious communities and discussed matters of common interest. I with another member participated and discussed the role and requirements of our Mosque. It was nice to meet other political and religious personalities.

Meeting with architects

On 24th August a meeting with the office of the architect was organized in the Mission house. We discussed the next phase of the renovation. It was decided that they would prepare a detailed plan so that in September it could be presented to the members for final approval.

Interview by Student from Japan

On 31st August a student from Japan visited the Mosque and attended the Friday sermon. He recorded the sermon and later on interviewed me in detail.

Visit of group from Roman Catholic Academy

On 5th September, a group of visitors from Roman Catholic Academy Berlin visited the Mosque under guidance of Dr Thomas Würtz. A presentation about Islam and history of the Mosque was followed by a question-answer session. All visitors were happy to have the information. In the end Dr Thomas Würtz said words of thanks and gifted a book for the Mosque Library.

Hazrat Ameer and other guests arrive in Berlin

On 6th September Hazrat Ameer Dr A.K. Saeed arrived in Berlin. The following distinguished guests from various countries also reached Berlin to participate in the activities and help us out in the forthcoming events: Ch.Saadat Ahmad sahib (Pakistan); Syed Nasir Ahmad sahib, Mr Shahid Aziz, Dr Jawad and Mrs Irum Ahmad, and their son Inshaal Ahmad, Mr and Mrs Mushtaq Ali and their daughter Adeeba, Mr Muhammad Ali, Mr Ahmed Sadaat (all from UK); Ms. Galida Badoella (Suriname); Mr Mudassir Aziz (Holland); Abdul Aziz sahib and his whole family (Wetslar, Germany); Mr and Mrs Khurrum, widow of the late Prof. Zafar Iqbal sahib, Ms. Minhal and her brother Mudassir (Frankfurt, Germany).

Hazrat Ameer Dr A.K. Saeed delivering Friday Khutba, 7th September

A view of the congregation listening to the Khutba

Monument Open Days and Long Night

This year the Monument Open Day and Long Night programme were organized on 8th and 9th September. On 8th September the Mosque remained opened from 10 am till 12 midnight. More than 600 visitors visited the Mosque and enjoyed their stay. A presentation was repeated every hour followed by a question-answer session. Flyers were distributed and the Quran was presented to various visitors. Prof. Dr Gerdien Jonker informed visitors about the Archive of the Mosque which was appreciated.

Our helpers at Monument Open Day

Hazrat Ameer addressed all groups the whole day and explained the peaceful teachings of Islam and the AAIIL. The day ended with a recitation of the Holy Quran by Galida Badoella followed by a fervent prayer by Syed Nasir Ahmed sahib.

Representative of Deutsche Stiftung Denkmal, Mr.Gunter Pätz, presented a cheque of 25,000 euros to Hazrat Ameer for the renovation of the Mission House. See Photo below.

9th September was the second day of the Monument Open Day and the Mosque was open from 10 am till 6 pm. With the blessings of Allah both days were a great success. More than 1000 people visited the Mosque. I am grateful to Mr Muhammad Ali, Mr Inshaal Ahmad and sister Sumeera Saleem who also gave presentations, making my work easy. I thank all members who helped and assisted me in managing and making event a great success. May Allah bless them all.

Some photographs from the Open Days

Visitors at the Open Days

The Imam addressing a group

Hazrat Ameer addressing a group

Talking to visitors

Our dedicated squad of helpers sitting at table

Video clips of Open Days

Meeting with representatives of the National Archive

On 10th September representative of the National Archive of Berlin visited and had a detailed meeting with executive members of AAIIL Germany. In the meeting it was decided that the archive of the Mosque will be placed in the National Archive of Berlin. The meeting was also attended by Dr Gerdien Jonker and Dr Jörn Thielmann. Later on the representative of the Archive checked the material and also visited the Mosque.

Hazrat Ameer presented a copy of the German translation of the Holy Quran to the representative.

Meeting with Office of Architect

In the afternoon, a meeting was held with the architects to discuss the new phase of the renovation. Details of the next phase were discussed with the architect and it was decided that Mosque inner will be renovated next year.

Visit to National Archive of Berlin

It was a historic day for AAIIL. On 11th September Hazrat Ameer, Ch. Saadat Ahmad sahib, Mr Shahid Aziz, Dr Gerdien Jonker and I visited the National Archive of Germany to sign the contract. We were received by the representative of the Archive Dr Heike Schroll. We were given a guided tour of the building of the National Archive. It was a great success that, with the permission of Hazrat Ameer, I signed the historic contract with the National Archive of Germany that will save Mosque archive. Our Mosque will be the first one in the history of Europe whose Archive will be kept safe in the National Archive.

Participation in book fair

On 16th September the organization ‘Faith in Tune’ organized a multi-faith cultural and religious progrmme and book fair in District Hall. We set up our book stall there as well. Hazrat Ameer delegated the duty to Ms. Galida Badoella to sell and distribute books. She did the work with devotion and it was a great success. Flyers about the Mosque were also distributed.

Hazrat Ameer and my interviews about Islam and AAIIL were recorded by a Russian journalist. She got so interested about the AAIIL that she attended the Friday Sermon of Hazrat Ameer and recorded another interview with him in the Mosque.

Adhan in Church

On 23rd September I was invited by a church to recite the Adhan in a concert where more than one thousand people were present. It is the blessings of Allah that it was lauded by all, and each participant clapped. Hazrat Ameer and Saleena Aziz also participated in the programme. My introduction was widely circulated.

Into Fold of Islam

On 24th September a German lady Ms. Mary accepted Islam at the hands of Hazrat Ameer and was given the Islamic name Maryam. Hazrat Ameer prayed for her future life and presented her with a copy of the German translation of the Holy Quran.

Interfaith meeting

Every three months, a meeting of all religious organizations is organized by the Mayor of our District. It was organized on 27th September. I participated and explained the activities of the Mosque which were appreciated by the participants. On the suggestion of the Mayor, the next meeting will be held in our Mosque.

 A fuller report in Urdu, but in text only, is available at this link.