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Events in February 2018

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Meeting by President Police Berlin

On 26th January, President of Police Berlin held their annual meeting in which I was invited to represent AAIIL. With the blessings of Allah it was a step forward in promotion of a harmonious society and role of our Mosque in these efforts. It was a useful meeting with representatives of other organizations from various religious groups.

Participation in Interfaith Charity Concert

On 27th January a charity concert was organized by the Director of the Long Night programme. Representatives of all religions participated in this event. Our participation was appreciated. Donations were collected for the coming Long Night programme.

Acceptance of Islam

On 1st February Mr. Patrick Bathige took Shahada and came into fold of Islam . He was given information about Islam and the AAIIL. He offered his first prayer with me and was informed about the basics of Islam. He was presented with a copy of the German translation of Holy Quran and other literature. Please pray for his coming life that may Allah bless him to follow true teachings of Islam.

Visit of primary School

On 15th February students of Evangelische Falkenssee Berlin primary school visited the Mosque with their teachers. They were informed about the teachings of Islam and the importance of the mosque in the life of Muslims. Children asked questions which were answered. A copy of the Holy Quran was presented for the school library.

Visitors from the Qadiani Jamaat

On 16th February two groups of Qadiani Jamaat members visited the Mosque and stayed for one hour. They were given information and explanation about the causes of Split in the Ahmadiyya Movement in 1914 and the viewpoint of the AAIIL.

Archive Project

Dr.Gerdien Jonker visited twice in February and discussed the project of the Mosque Archive. It is a very important project for the future. A lot of work has been done and very soon we will start materializing this important project.

Visit of Mr. Fessel Christian

Our friend Mr. Fessel Christian who is a professional photographer visited on 19th February. He stayed for an hour and a half. He took some very good photos of the Mosque after its renovation. I will send his photos separately.


Visit of State Secretary for Europe in Berlin

On 20th February Mr. Gerry Woop visited the Mosque and stayed for one hour. Mr. Gerry Woop is State Secretary for Europe and deals with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. A team from the Architect’s office also came to meet him. I gave a presentation about the Mosque and the purpose of the AAIIL. He was much interested in the translation of Holy Quran in the German language by Hazrat Maulana Sadr-ud-Din sahib. He inspected the construction work and was satisfied by the work. My daughter Saleena Aziz thanked him for his visit and presented him with a copy of the Holy Quran which he appreciated. We hope his visit will be beneficial for us in the future.