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Events in May 2018

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

School visit

On 3rd May Pettenkofer Elementary School from Berlin visited the Mosque. Students were given a presentation about the Mosque, followed by a question/answer session. A copy of the Holy Quran was presented for the School library.

Book Reading Event

On 6th May, a second book reading event was organized in the Mosque, in which Mr Ronen Steinke, a famous journalist of Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, read his book. I gave a presentation about the Mosque to the audience, which was of great interest for them. The writer later on thanked us for organizing the event. He is shown in the first photograph below, while the second photograph shows the participants in the event.

Meeting with DSD Officials

On 8th May there was a meeting with the officials of Deutsche Stiftung Denkmals. We discussed the matter of the 3rd Phase of the Mosque renovation. The Director of the Berlin Monument Department also participated in the meeting and discussed the renovation process in detail. DSD is the same organization which donated fifty thousand Euros for the Mosque renovation and for the Imam House. They once again approved twenty-eight thousand Euros. We are thankful for their contribution for both phases of the renovation.

Participation in Bazme Adab Berlin Programme

On 7th May Bazme Adab Berlin organized a pragramme in honour of Prof. Ikram from India. Poets and writers from Germany, England and Sweden participated in the programme. I also recited a poem and later participated in the discussion. Members of the Pakistan community and renowned personalities attended the programme.

Participation in All-European Peace Summit

On 12th May HWPL organized an All-European Peace summit in Frankfurt. I was asked to participate in the event, representing Islam. Representatives of other religions from various European countries also participated in the conference. Chairman of HWPL, Mr. Man Hee Lee from Korea, was chief guest who addressed the audience. I am thankful to Sister Summera who also joined me in the conference. It was a successful event. I presented a copy of the English translation of the Holy Quran to the Chairman of HWPL who thanked us for this precious gift.

Participation in Roman Catholic Academy Programme

On 14th May the Roman Catholic academy organized a lecture of Prof. Muhammad Ikram Chughtai who came from Lahore. He is a well-known scholar who is working in the Encyclopedia section of the University of Punjab. He is author of many books. He also visited the Mosque with his daughter and son twice. I benefited from his scholarly presence. He gave a series of lectures throughout Germany.

Programme by Member of Parliament

On 15th May Member of German parliament of our district, Mr Klaus-Dieter Gröhler, organized a party in which I represented the mosque. Representative of other faiths also attended the party. It was a nice programme to have coordination with people of various walks of life.

Visit of Old People’s Home

On 23rd May I visited an Old People’s Home on the request of their in charge. I was asked to meet a Muslim who wished to meet an Imam who could recite Quran. I presented him with a copy of the Holy Quran and stayed with him for some time reciting the Quran and talking. The administration thanked me for the visit and asked for future cooperation.

Workshop in the Mosque

On 26th May Geistliches Zentrum organization, arranged a workshop about Dementia in our Mosque. It is third time that this organization has arranged this conference in our Mosque. I explained purpose of building the Mosque in Berlin and presented its history. The organization also donated two hundred Euros.

Visit of School

On 28th May Wilhelmsruh Grundschule (Primary School) visited the Mosque. Students were given a presentation about the Mosque and basics of the Islamic faith. Later on, a question/answer session was organized. A copy of the Holy Quran was presented for the School library.

Promotion of Mosque Programme

On the evening of 28th May the Association of Architects in Berlin held their meeting in which the architecture and the role of our Mosque was presented by Mr Marcus Nitschke, architect of the current renovation phases. He explained the architectural beauty of the Mosque and also the role played by the AAIIL in the promotion of a peaceful society in Germany. He also talked about the journal Moslemische Revue and Maulana Sadr-ud-Din sahib. Later on, I was asked questions. It was a very historic moment that our Mosque was discussed and promoted in the Association of Architects. I thank Mr. Nitschke for his efforts.

Tarawih Prayer

With the blessings of Allah, Tarawih prayer during the month of Ramadan was a permanent activity. Allah once again provided the opportunity to recite the entire Holy Quran during the sacred month of Ramadan.