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Events in October 2018

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Mosque Open Day

The 3rd October is declared Mosques Open Day for Germany. It is a public holiday to commemorate Unification of West and East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall. More than one hundred people visited the Mosque from 11 a.m to 17:00 p.m.

Visitors were very happy to know about the teachings of Islam and the history of the Mosque and the AAIIL. Flyers and literature was also distributed. Thanks to Mudassir Aziz who came to Berlin assisting me to organize the event.

Group from Denmark

On 4th October a student group from Denmark visited the Mosque to get knowledge about Islam. After a presentation, the question/answer session lasted one hour. The leader of the group thanked us for the information and appreciated the effort.

Visit of School

On 11th October students of Evangelical School Steglitz Berlin visited the Mosque. After a presentation, the students’ questions were answered. A copy of the German Translation of the Holy Quran was presented to the teacher for their School Library.

Visit of SPD group

On 13th October a group of SPD political party visited the Mosque. After a presentation, the question/answer session lasted for an hour. It was very nice to meet the highly learned and political dynamic members of the society.

Visit of Two Groups

On 17th October two groups of Evangelisches Gymnasium zum Grauen Kloster school, students visited the Mosque. Each group comprised more than 27 students. They asked very interesting and challenging questions. They also completed their school assignments to draw salient features of the Mosque and of Islam.

Roman Catholic Academy

On the same day, 17th October, a programme about Muslim-Jewish relationship was organized by the Roman Catholic Academy. I participated in this very interesting and beneficial event.

All Europe Hifz Quran Competition

On 20th October, all Europe Hifz e Quran competition was organized by Mosque Dar As-salam Berlin. I was invited to participate in the competition. Students from all over Europe took part in the competition. The winner was awarded a Hajj ticket along with his parents.In the children category a young girl from France won the prize. Next day, she visited our Mosque with her parents.It was a grand and very successful event.

Group From Bonn

A group of Muslims and people of other religions from Bonn visited the Mosque on 24th October. It was organized by the an organization named as Ma‘an or Together. Bonn is far from Berlin. After a presentation, the question/answer session was very interesting. The German Quran was presented to the group leader.

Meeting with African Ambassadors

On 24th October HWPL organized a meeting with Ambassadors of African countries. I was invited to attend this meeting as well. Many Ambassadors attended the meeting, which was followed by Dinner. The main point of discussion was how to promote peace and prosperity on the African continent.

Interfaith Meeting

On 26th October, I participated in the interfaith dialogue organized by HWPL Berlin. The topic of the dialogue was History and Genealogy. Three participants discussed the topic with reference to their religious scriptures. I presented the Islamic point of view.