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Events in November 2017

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Participation in 500 years celebration of of Bible Translation

On 1st November the Roman Catholic Academy Berlin organized a programme to celebrate 500 years of the first translation of the Bible. It was a public holiday in Germany to celebrate this special occasion. I was specially invited to attend and participate in the programme. I informed the participants about the first translation of Quran in English done by Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib and we are proud being member of AAIIL.

Visit by Guests from Suriname

On 12th November members of the family of our late respected brother Saboerali sahib from Suriname visited the Mosque and stayed for some time. It was my pleasure to meet the family of a very devoted member of SIV who served AAIIL with great devotion and dedication.

Participation in 32 Interfaith meeting

On 13th November, the Mayor of our District Charlotttenberg, Herr Nauman organized the 32rd Interfaith meeting. All interfaith organizations participated in it. I was asked to explain activities of the Berlin Mosque and AAIIL Germany. Our efforts and endeavours were commended. Agenda was discussed and all members exchanged views about various topics.

Interview by BBC Radio

On 14th November a BBC Journalist recorded my interview for Radio. I was contacted by the BBC Journalist for an interview about the position of Muslims in Germany and specially the situation of refugees. This interview will be broadcast after she has interviewed others as well. Al-hamdu-lillah the interview went very well.

Dr-Otto-Rindt-Oberschule Senftenber

On 16th November students and teachers of the above mentioned school visited the Mosque. Students from Syria and Afghanistan were also present in the group . After the presentation, a question-answer session lasted for more than one hour. I led the prayer for the Muslim students. It was a very nice group. All students were interested in religion and specially AAIIL.

Visitors from Malaysia and Mali

A group from Malaysia and Mali specially visited the Mosque. The Imam of a mosque from Mali attended on Friday with embassy officials. They were informed about the history of the Mosque and the efforts of AAIIL.

Annual interfaith Conference in Berlin Mayor House

On 21st November the annual interfaith conference was organized in Rotten Hause Berlin. Representatives of all religious organizations participated in the the programme. I represented AAIIL with another member . It is the biggest religious forum for all faiths. We had the chance to meet representatives of all religions and conveyed our views. High Government officials addressed the meeting.

Participation in Osterkirche Programme

On 25th November a grand programme was organized by Osterkirche (church) for Syrian refugees. I was specially invited to participate in the programme. Acting caretaker Mr Yasir Aziz participated in the programme in my absence and also assisted in organizing the event which was appreciated by the organizers.

Interfaith Programme

On 28th November, HWPL held interfaith dialogue on the topic of Choosing Religion. The dialogue was conducted via Skype. I participated from Pakistan and all our young Mubaligheen were also there to participate in the programme. The Buddhist representative participated from Thailand. I explained the criteria for choosing a religion and the teachings of Islam in this regard.