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Events in February 2019

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Video clip of renovation with talk by Imam Amir Aziz in Urdu

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Visit of Multi nationalities group

On 1st February a group of young students visited the Mosque. The group comprises of students from Germany, Chile, China, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam. After a presentation, a very long question-answer session was conducted. The group asked many questions about Islam and the AAIIL.

Visit of Prof. Lalit Vachani

On 11th February Prof. Lalit Vachani, who is a documentary filmmaker, producer and editor, visited the Mosque. He teaches courses on political documentary and documentary theory and production at the Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS) at the University of Göttingen, Germany. He stayed for more than one hour with Dr. Gerdien Jonker and Prof Razak. He asked about the persecution of members of the AAIIL and we discussed the Movement, and its past and present. He wishes to prepare a documentary about the Mosque soon.

Participation in Book Inauguration Event

On 10th February the book opening ceremony of a famous short story writer Mr. Anwar Zaheer was held by Urdu Anjuman Berlin. I participated in the event and was presented a copy of the book by the writer with his signature. Many writers and poets attended the event from Berlin, Frankfurt and Switzerland.

Participation in Interfaith Programme

On 14th February, AKR, the oldest Interfaith organization, held an event in a Church to discuss topic Ist Idealismus noch gefragt - oder Materialismus? (“Is idealism still in demand - or Materialism?”) I was asked to participate in the event. It was a very nice discussion. Representatives of various religions discussed the topic and later on answered questions from the audience.

Historic Photo found

During the archive project, I found a historic photo of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ali presented to the Honorable Wallace D. Muhammad of USA on April 11, 1976. The photo is duly signed by the wife and all the sons and daughters of the late Maulana. It is a clear proof of the good relationship of the AAIIL with the largest American Muslim organization. It is a document which proves the historic visit of Wallace D. Muhammad to our Head Office in Lahore, Pakistan in April 1976.

Participation in HWPL Event

On 21st February HWPL organized an Interfaith meeting to discuss the topic “Concept of Sin in Religions”. I explained the concept of sin in Islam. It was discussed when man first realized the concept of sin and also what are teachings of Islam to ask forgiveness of sins.

Printing of Calendar 2019

An international Interfaith organization, HWPL, printed a calendar of 2019 with the photo of the Imam of the Berlin Mosque. The photo was taken during a discussion programme.