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Events in March 2019

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Visit of Korean guests

On 2nd March, guests of the Korean organization HWPL visited the Mosque. Their representative brought a calendar of 2019 which carries my photo in a discussion programme. They invited me to represent Muslims in an international conference in Romania.

Visit of School

On 5th March Elementary school at Traveplatz Berlin visited the Mosque. Students were given a presentation about Islam and the Mosque. The students asked questions which were answered. A copy of the German translation of the Holy Quran was presented to the teacher for the school library .

International Women Day

On 8th March it was the International Women’s Day. It was a public holiday in Berlin. Seituna Mosque in our district organized a programme to celebrate this day. I attended the programme. The programme was appreciated by all participants. I gifted the Arabic translation of Hazrat Mulana Muhammad Ali’s book The Religion of Islam to the Imam of the Mosque for which he thanked us.

Participation in Interfaith Programme

On 15th March, the AKR interfaith organization arranged a programe in a Church. Representatives of Christian, Sufi and Hindu organizations discussed the topic Das Licht nicht unter den Scheffel or “Do not put the light under the bushel!” It was a very important topic and all representatives discussed it very well. I have been asked to talk in the programme to be held in April.

Visit of School

On 15th March Elementary school Wilhelmsruh Berlin visited the Mosque. After the presentation students asked questions which were answered. A copy of German translation of the Holy Quran was presented to the teacher for school library.

Public Speech in Berlin:

On 16th March I was invited by the HWPL organization to deliver a speech on the topic of religious disputes and their solutions to attain world peace. It was appreciated by all participants. Later on, the speakers wrote letters to the German Chancellor regarding peace.

Lecture in Roman Catholic Academy

On 23th March I was invited by the Roman Catholic Academy Berlin to talk about the History of the Mosque. It was a one day programme. In the programme many other scholars talked about various topics. Dr. Thomas Wurtz welcomed the guests and speakers and explained the theme of conference. I explained the history and purpose of the Mosque. A speaker also talked about famous scholar and convert to Islam, Hugo Marcus, and his relation with our Mosque.It was well attended programme.

Interfaith Meeting

On 26th March a meeting of interfaith communities was organized by the Mayor’s office of our district. Mr. Reinhard Naumann chaired the meeting. Representatives of all religions discussed the agenda. I participated as representative of our organization.

Into fold of Islam

On 29 March Mr. Steinicke Holger came into the fold of Islam with his free will. The teachings of Islam were explained to him and he was presented with a copy of the German translation of the Holy Quran.

Photos of school visits mentioned above