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Events in May 2019

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Book reading in the Mosque

On 5th May, a book reading event was held in our Mosque, which was well attended. A famous Journalist, Mr. Ronke Steinke, read his book to the audience. I gave a presentation about Islam and the AAIIL, and later a question-answer session lasted for one hour. People from all walks of life attended the event.

Purdue University USA

On 14th May a group of students with their professors visited the Mosque. After a presentation about the AAIIL and history of the Mosque, a question-answer session was conducted. It was a nice discussion with students and their teachers. A copy of the Holy Quran was presented for their library.

Visit of School

Later on 14th May, Kindergarten Kita Goldenes schüßerchenn visited the Mosque. They were informed about the religion of Islam and students were shown how to pray. A copy of the Holy Quran was presented for their school library.

Visit of School

On 15th May another Kindergarten Kita ManteuffelstraßeAKR from Berlin visited the Mosque. Students were given information about Islam and prayers were demonstrated. A copy of the Holy Quran was presented for their school library.

Visit of group from Thüringen

On 16th May, Staatliche Berufsbildende School visited the Mosque. After a presentation by me, a question-answer session was conducted. A copy of the German translation of the Holy Quran was presented to them.

Visit of scholars from India

On 20th May, a group of 35 scholars from India visited the Mosque. The group comprised scholars from many cities of India. They are all experts of Archive as well. I welcomed the group and gave them a brief history of the Mosque. Then Dr Gerdien Jonker gave a presentation about the Archive of the Mosque which was appreciated by all. There were Muslim scholars from Kashmir, Lucknow and Hyderabad as well. Later on, a question-answer session lasted for an hour. Everybody was amazed to know the history and the Archive of the Mosque. Questions about the AAIIL and its situation in Pakistan were asked .A very short archive exhibition was also arranged which was appreciated. Thanks to Dr. Gerdien Jonker whose presence and presentation made the event a great success.

Participation in Iftar Parties

On 23rd May, the Roman Catholic Academy organized an Iftar (fast ending in Ramadan) party in which representatives of various organizations participated. I represented the AAIIL. It was a nice programme and we enjoyed the hospitality of our hosts. People of various faiths were there to show solidarity with Muslims. The real goal of religion is to show solidarity with all communities.

On 24th May, a political party SPD of our district arranged an Iftar Party in which I represented AAIIlL along with our friend Mr Christian Fessel. It was also attended by various organizations.

Imam delivering Friday Khutba (sermon), 17th May