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Events in February 2020

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Participation in Kashmir Day

On 4th February, the Embassy of Pakistan in Berlin, Germany, organized Kashmir Solidarity Day. In the programme, a short video was shown about the atrocities perpetrated on Kashmiris in Indian-Occupied Kashmir. Later, the Pakistani Ambassador to Germany and other community leaders addressed the gathering.

Into the Fold of Islam

On 11th February, Ms. Andrea Jutta Müller Razeghpour took the Shahada. Before her Shahada, I explained about the teachings of Islam and the AAIIL. All members are requested to pray that Allah guides her to lead her life according to the principles of Islam.

Visit by Foundation Group

On 14th February, members of the political party Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung visited the Mosque. After the presentation, a long discussion and question-answer session was conducted. It was a very enlightened group of people.

Visit of Group from Rabwah Jama‘at

On 22nd February a large group of youth of the Rabwah Jama‘at from various parts of Germany visited the Mosque. They were having a cycle rally in Berlin and after the rally they came to the Mosque. We had a good discussion about the history of the Mosque and the history of our differences within the Ahmadiyya Movement. We discussed these topics in a very positive manner. It was a group of nice youth.

Visit of American Women’s Club of Berlin

On 24th February, a group from the American Women’s Club of Berlin visited the Mosque. I had the chance to meet the organizer at the school of my daughter Saleena Aziz. She showed interest in visiting the Mosque. The group stayed in the Mosque for two hours. The question-answer session after the presentation was very interesting. The President of the club thanked us for organizing the event.

Interfaith Programme

On 27th February, an Interfaith programme was organized by HWPL. As a coronavirus precaution, it was held online. Representatives of various religions discussed thought-provoking questions. The main topic was: Is a specific tree mentioned in the holy scriptures which is a source of sin? Representatives of Christianity, Buddhism and Islam presented their points of view.

New Renovation Phase

With the blessings of Allah, the new renovation phase of the Mosque is in progress. Meetings with various organizations including the Monument department have been a great success. This year in the main phase the Mosque interior will be renovated completely. You are all requested to pray for the progress and success of the Mission.