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Events in March 2020

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

New Renovation Phase

On 4th March, a meeting was held in the Mosque with the Monument department, DSD organization and the Architect’s Office. It was decided to begin renovation of the interior of the Mosque in mid-April. Details were discussed and we hope to get financial assistance from the organizations we applied to. Due to the current situation with Coronavirus, renovation work may be delayed.

Visit of Scholars

On 10th March, a group of scholars from the Roman Catholic Academy visited the Mosque. After the presentation, the question-answer session lasted for one and a half hours.

Visit by St.Martin Church

On 13th March, a group from the St. Martin Church visited the Mosque. We had a good discussion and question-answer session. A copy of the German translation of the Holy Quran was presented.

Into the fold of Islam

On 16th March, Mr. Christoph Kückner took shahada and came into the fold of Islam. The basic teachings of Islam and the AAIIL were explained to him and he was presented with Islamic literature. He offered his first salat with us, and was given the Islamic name Shiraz. Members are requested to pray that may Allah help him live the life of a true muslim, ameen.

Coronavirus situation

From 16th March, mosques and all places of worship have been closed down for all activities. We have arranged online Friday prayer service for worshipers. People from Germany and other countries are benefiting from this service.

We pray that may Allah keep you all healthy and safe from the danger of Coronavirus. We are praying for every member and hope that Allah will bestow His blessings on the whole of humanity. Please take care of yourselves and follow the instructions of the government.