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Events in November–December 2020

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Due to Covid-19, all appointments during this period were cancelled.

Where there is a will there’s a way

On 1st November, people from the church and politicians visited the Mosque. We had to arrange visits in the tent outside. Visitors were happy to sit in the tent despite the extreme cold. We had a good question-answer session after the presentation. I was pleasantly surprised that the visitors were keen to know about the religion of Islam, the history of the Mosque, and the AAIIL and its activities.

Link to video talk by the Imam

Participation in Natia Mushaira

On 8th November Bazme Adab Berlin organized an online Mushaira in commemoration of Eid Milad-un-Nabi. Poets from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, UK, Canada and various European countries participated in the event. It was a nice programme in which poets presented their poetry including myself. 

Participation in Interfaith programme

On 23rd November HWPL organized an online Interfaith programme. The theme of the seminar was Covid19. I presented the Muslim point of view about the disease and prayed for the safety of the whole of humanity.


Peace Message

On 13th December, my recorded message was broadcast by HWPL throughout the world on Peace Prayer Day. Brief messages were recorded. Later on, representatives of various faiths prayed for world peace.

Meeting with Dr. Gerdien Jonker

Dr. Gerdien Jonker very kindly visited the Mosque and got her speech recorded in the mission house for the annual Jalsa in Lahore. I thanked her for her precious time to get the speech recorded. You can all enjoy her speech in Online Jalsa this year.

ILAM  Channel and Facebook activities

Our ILAM YouTube channel is presenting programmes in Urdu, English, Dutch and Indonesian languages. You are all requested to subscribe to the channel and send your questions and suggestions for further improvement of the channel. The Facebook page of the Berlin Mosque, Die Moschee, is also serving the community with news and other activities including online Friday prayers.

Renovation work inside the Mosque