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Events in October 2020

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Final Renovation Phase

With the blessing of Allah, the final phase of renovation of the Mosque’s interior began in October. In this phase the whole interior of the Mosque will be completely renovated. Your prayers are needed for the successful completion of the project.

Friday prayers outside the Mosque

Due to the Mosque renovation work we are holding prayers in the tent and garden outside. It is a blessing of Allah that despite the cold the Friday prayer is well attended.

See video of prayer service.

Peace Prayer

On October 23, a prayer for world peace and protection from COVID-19 was organized by HWPL. I represented Islam and was asked to pray on behalf of the Muslim community. After recitation of Surah Fatihah the following prayer was broadcast:

“O Lord of the worlds, O Lord of the people, remove from us all difficulties. O Lord of the worlds, heal our wounds as you are the best of healers. There is no healer other than you our Lord. O Lord, you are the best healer who leaves no sickness behind.

O Lord, disease is Your test, so forgive our sins and remove this tragic disease from the world. O Lord, protect the whole humanity from the danger of Coronavirus. Our Lord, we are weak and powerless. Provide us power and strength to fight this dangerous virus which has wreaked havoc in the world. O Lord, we made mistakes in our actions, we forgot your presence, so forgive us and help us to mend our ways, remove our weaknesses and be merciful to us. Our  Lord, the whole world became selfish, self-centered and careless in remembering You. We ask your mercy and favour so that we can fight and defeat this Coronavirus. O Lord, provide intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to the doctors, scientists and companies to be able to make vaccines to fight this killer virus.

Our Lord, we are Your humble servant,s so we bow down to You in extreme humility. O our Lord, accept our repentance and remove from us the danger of Coronavirus. Our Lord, we want a very pure and pollution-free world, so help us to make this earth free of pollution. Our Creator, help us so that we can make this earth a heaven where everyone can live and enjoy his life.”

Participation in European Urdu Writers Festival

A two-day European Urdu festival was organized by Radio Awaz Adab Berlin. I was invited to read my Afsana on October 18. It was a very interesting programme in which famous literary personalities from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Canada, UK and many other European countries participated. It is Allah’s blessing that my Afsana was appreciated. It was a very well-organized programme which helped to promote Urdu literature. 

Visit of Nasrullah Family

Naeem Nasrullah sahib with his daughters, our sisters Nasma and Bano Nasrullah, and his granddaughter, visited Berlin. They attended Friday prayer at the Mosque and stayed a few days in Berlin. It is always a pleasure to have guests from other countries and their concern for the Mosque is appreciated.

Participation in interfaith Meeting

On October 14, the Mayor of our district organized a meeting of the representatives of all religions in the District office. Matters of mutual interest were discussed. Reports of activities were presented by all the representatives. 

Meeting with Dr. Gerdien Jonker

In the first week of October, Dr. Gerdien Jonker visited the Mission House. She discussed the progress of the Mosque archive which is slow because of Covid-19. We discussed various issues and our hope is that the Mosque archive will be ready soon.