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Events in September 2020

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Successful Monument Open Day

On September 12 to 13, Monument Day was organized by the German Monument Department. It was a great success. We were not expecting many visitors this year due to the Coronavirus threat but with the blessings of Allah, during the two days, more than five hundred people visited the Mosque. In all, twelve presentations were conducted. Visitors’ questions were answered. Literature was distributed to those interested. Tea and snacks were also served. The absence of Hazrat Ameer and other members, who were here last year, was greatly felt. I thank Mudassar Aziz who came from Holland despite the Coronavirus threat and assisted with the arrangements. See photographs at the end of this report.

Visit by Scholar

On September 22, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reinbold, who is Commissioner for Church and Islam, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover and Chairman House of Religions - Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Education e.V from Hanover, visited the Mosque.The meeting went very well. Later he posted the following comments about his visit (which is translated below from German):

“Last week I finally visited Germany’s oldest mosque. Many thanks to Imam Amir Aziz for the very friendly welcome! The mosque has recently been renovated and excellently maintained from the outside. This week the renovation work begins inside. In 2024, the 100-year existence will be celebrated.”

Participation in Church Programme

I was invited to participate in a ceremony at Saint Ludwig Church, Berlin on September 27. This ceremony was to bid farewell to the previous team and to welcome the new team of the church. I was asked to say words of welcome and to pray. After recitation of Fatiha, a short speech was delivered. It was a very nice programme which showed harmony and a friendly atmosphere in the religious communities of Berlin.

Into the fold of Islam

With the blessings of Allah, in the month of September the following noble souls took Shahada in the Mosque:

  1. Oscar Leamder Hagen took Shahada on September 11 and was named Malik.
  2. Sister Kamara Fatima also took Shahada in the Mosque on September 11 and was named Fatima .

The basic teachings of Islam and the AAIIL were explained to them and they were presented with Islamic literature. Members are requested to pray that may Allah help them to live the life of a true Muslim.

Mosque Renovation

Renovation of the interior of the Mosque started at the end of October. Therefore, the Mosque has been closed till February 2021. We have made a temporary arrangement for prayers in a tent and the garden. Despite the cold weather, people are offering Jumuah in the open air and in the tent. You can see the devotion and dedication of the people to the Mosque in the photographs. They themselves installed the tent and made arrangements so that they could hold prayers in the Mosque vicinity.

Participation in Interfaith Meeting

On September 21, an interfaith meeting was organized by HWPL online to discuss the topic Family in your Religion. Religious leaders of various faiths discussed the topic.

YouTube channel ILAM

With the help and guidance of the Central Anjuman, ILAM channel has been set up by a very dedicated team. It will be a great source of information and propagation of Islam by AAIIL in the future. Currently it is broadcasting in Urdu, English, Dutch and Indonesian languages. More languages will be added later. You are all requested to please subscribe to the channel to make it successful.

Monument Open Day Photographs, 13 September 2020 (see report)