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September 2021

Monument Days photographs: Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th September

Imam Amir Aziz delivering Friday sermon on 10th September on lawn of the Mosque
(as the Mosque is closed for decoration)

Imam Amir Aziz writes:

It was by the blessings of Allah that this year we were able to organize presentations for the Monument Days in a tent as the Mosque is being renovated. On both days several groups visited the Mosque and enjoyed the presentations and the Mosque tour. Visitors were informed about Islam, the AAIIL and the history of the Mosque. Questions from the visitors were answered. Monument Days are a great opportunity to present the peaceful message of Islam and the AAIIL.  

I am grateful to Dr Jawad Ahmad, his wife Erum, and their sons Inshaal Ahmad and Faizaan Ahmad who specially came from the UK  to assist us. I am thankful to Mr Muddasar Aziz who came from Holland and did a great job in organizing the event.

Visitors queuing to enter Mosque on Saturday

Saturday: Visitors listening to a presentation in a marque in the Mosque grounds

Saturday: The Mission House adjacent to the Mosque

Saturday: Visitors inside the Mosque

Sunday: Visitors listening to a presentation

Sunday: Visitors inside the Mosque

Photographs of the Mosque taken during these days

Front view from Brienner Strasse

Side view from junction of Brienner Strasse and Kaubstrasse

Side view from junction of Brienner Strasse and Berliner Strasse

Mission House adjacent to the Mosque

Two photos below show the dome of the Mosque from the inside