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Some events in brief during October 2015

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

1. Mosques Open Day, 3rd October

The Mosque was kept open from 11.00 am to 5.30 pm. Inshaal Ahmad came from Hamburg to help. We distributed flyers, answered questions, entertained guests, and gave Powerpoint presentation about history of the Mosque. More than sixty people visited. Many visitors were presented with the German translation of Holy Quran and Dr. Zahid Aziz’s book Islam, Peace and Tolerance.


2. In news report on Russia TV channel

An item in the main news on Russia TV channel showed hundreds of Muslims converting to Christianity. Our message, Mosque and Mission were also presented. The main issue discussed was apostasy and punishment for it. I also presented the Russian Translation of Holy Quran to the reporter who promised to contact us in future for such themes. It was required by the News channel that I had to wear a special Juba (gown) to appear in the news item. According to the reporter, in Russia Imams are identified with gowns and they pay attention to it. The photos below show the interviewer.


3. Visit of Eben Ezer Evangelic Church, Berlin

Students from Eben Ezer Church accompanied by their teachers visited our Mosque. In the Mosque we held an interactive class, informing them about the basics of the religion of Islam and our organization. Students were enthusiastic about information regarding Islam. They will be future priests and we hope that they will have better understanding of Islam. The question-answer session was very interesting. They were presented a copy of Quran, the book The Religion of Islam by Maulana Muhammad Ali and Islam, Peace and Tolerance by Dr. Zahid Aziz for the church library. Photos below shows the class in the Mosque.

4. Visit of Ludrig Cauer Grund Schule

Ludrig Cauer Grund Schule (Primary School), Charlottenburg, Berlin, visited our mosque to gain basic knowledge about Islam and the Mosque history. It was a one hour session with the students and their teacher. The question-answer session was very interesting. A copy of the German Translation of the Holy Quran was presented to them for their school library and all were presented a flyer about the Mosque history.

The important point is that the presentation about Mosque history on Open Days proved very beneficial. Many school teachers, when they saw activities showing visits by various schools, made appointments for their schools as well.

5. Visit by Pakistani scholar

A Ph.D. scholar who is Assistant Professor of Religious Interfaith Education Center, Manhattan College, New York, USA, visited our Mosque. She is a Pakistani National but now lives in USA. She is well aware of our Movement. She was delighted to see old editions of The Islamic Review in the Mosque library. I explained the differences between the two sections of the Ahmadiyya Movement. She was provided with the book about the history of the Mosque and Dr. Zahid Aziz’s book Islam, Peace and Tolerance. She was accompanied by her German friend who is in the printing and publishing field. Her friend was presented with the German Translation of Holy Quran.

6. Masters Student of Europa-Universität (University) Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder visits Mosque

Sophie Krause, whose masters degree research paper is about Mosques and Imams in Berlin, visited our Mosque. She interviewed me about Islam. She was presented with a copy of the German Translation of Holy Quran, the book The Religion of Islam, and Dr. Zahid Aziz’s book Islam, Peace and Tolerance.  She visited again with school students to find out how we guide them.

7. Participation in Heavenly Culture, World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL), Berlin

On 15th October 2015 Heavenly Culture, World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) Berlin organized a seminar in District House (website: The theme of the seminar was “God in Religious Scriptures.” I was supposed to speak on the topic but due to my departure I prepared a presentation which was presented by Mr Mudassar Aziz. Alhamdolillah the Powerpoint presentation was appreciated by all speakers. The Question-Answer session was a very interesting part of the seminar. Mudassar Aziz explained views of Hazrat Mirza Sahib regarding the theme. Pakistan Embassy staff were also invited to the programme. They appreciated our efforts and promised to visit our mosque as well.

Mudassar Aziz (right) with others

8. Visit of District Officers from various cities:

On 16th October 2015 a group of 9 officers from District Office visited the Mosque. District Office near our Mosque had a meeting of officers from other cities. After the meeting these officers visited our Mosque. Mr Mudassar Aziz presented point our view about Jihad and informed them how we are helping refugees in Berlin. All of them were presented the book Islam, Peace and Tolerance by Dr. Zahid Aziz.

Photograph of the District Officers

9. Students from Humboldt-Universität:

On 20th October 2015 two students from Humboldt-Universität visited the Mosque. They are writing a thesis about war as mentioned in Abrahamic religious scriptures. Mr Mudassar Aziz presented a brief history of the Mosque and an introduction to Islam. They were presented with the book The Religion of Islam by Maulana Muhammad Ali and Islam, Peace and Tolerance by Dr Zahid Aziz.