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International Inter-religious Conference at the Berlin Mosque, Saturday, 16th September 2017

See published programme of this Conference (note that Mr. Mohamed Taha Sabri was not able to attend).

Further details of the proceedings will be published here soon. This page last updated 6 October 2017.

Below: A general scene from the Conference

Below: Two photos show the panel of speakers sitting in the Mosque


Individual speakers addressing the conference

Below: Dr A.K. Saeed, Head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Anjuman

Below: Prof. Dr Gerdien Jonker

Below: Rabbi Prof. Dr. Walter Homolka

Below: Dr Thomas M. Schimmel

Below (left): Mr Emmanuel Luther Ratiq, writer & journalist, Sweden

Below: Mrs Roline Twahira Samsoedin, Government Minister, Suriname

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