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Events in September 2017

Reports and photographs

by Amir Aziz, Imam Berlin Mosque

Bürgerspaziergang Citizen Walk

On  3rd September, 25 persons visited the Mosque as a part of Citizens Walk organized by CDU, a political party. This is the second time that they arranged such a walk and visited the Mosque. It was organized by Mr. Gröhler who was the candidate for the election from the area of our Mosque and has been elected as Member Parliament in September. The presentation was followed by a question-answer session and these went very successful.  Leaflets were distributed to all participants.

Visit of Students Emil Molt Academy

On 5th September, students of Emil Molt Academy Berlin visited the Mosque with their teachers.  It  was a nice group and we had a good question-answer session after the presentation. A copy of the German translation of Holy Quran was presented  for the School Library. The same day students of Jean-Krämer-Schule visited for information about the Mosque which was part of their project.

Arrival of Hazrat Ameer and Convention Participants

On 6th September Hazrat Ameer (Head of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Community) Dr A.K. Saeed and Mr Shahid Aziz of UK arrived in Berlin. Right from the next day, activities started in the Mission House. Hazrat Ameer arrived after a very hectic trip but his passion was at the top. He delivered  three Friday sermons and many lectures during his short stay.

Monument Open Day

The 9th and 10th September were Monument Open Days which were a great success for our Mission. In two days, one thousand and twenty-nine (1029) people visited the Mosque. This year the number of visitors increased so much that we were short of leaflets and other material. Many people were handed over photocopies only.  The programme started at 10:30 am and ended at 6:30 pm on both days. Every one hour, I gave a presentation followed by a speech by Hazrat Ameer.

On the first day, Dr. Peter Schabe, Ms. Katja Weise from the Architect office and Mr. Guenther Paetz also addressed the visitors. On the second day Hazrat Ameer and Dr. Gerdien Jonker helped me. Hazrat Ameer was presented a cheque of 50,000 Euros by the officials of Deutsche Stiftung Denkmals. The Holy Quran and other material was distributed. In two days the message of Islam was explained to all visitors. I would specially thank  Mr. Shahid Aziz of UK, Ms. Galida Baedole of Suriname and Mr. Mudassar Aziz from Holland who helped us in organizing this event. It was their untiring efforts to take care of a thousand guests without which it was nearly impossible for me to organize such a big event.

First Annual European Convention

From 15th to 17th September, the first Annual European Convention of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Community was organized at the Berlin Mosque. Members and delegates from Germany, Pakistan, England, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Suriname, Fiji, Trinidad, USA and Indonesia  participated in the Convention. With blessings of Allah, the efforts of Hazrat Ameer and the endeavors of members, it was a great success  for AAIIL. A special edition will be published about the Convention with details. I thank all participants and members who helped in organizing this historic and wonderful event.

Below is a photograph of the Convention participants:

This photo in a larger size can be seen at this page.

First ever public demonstration of AAIIL

In the history of the AAIIL, the first ever public demonstration was held on 16th September in the main square outside the Church of Berlin (the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz). The demonstration was against all sorts of terrorism. For a report and photographs, see this link on our website.

Interfaith Conference

The same day, Saturday 16th September, that the above demonstration was held, there was an International Inter-religious Conference was organized in the Mosque in the evening. For details, see our special page on this website.

Meeting with Architects

On 18th September a meeting was held with architects to discuss next year’s plan of renovation of the Mosque. Hazrat Ameer chaired the meeting and all members of AAIIL Germany attended the meeting. In November the current phase of the renovation will end and the Mosque will be once again in original shape as it was built in 1924. A programme will be organized to celebrate this great achievement. Important decisions were taken at this meeting for the complete renovation of the Mosque in coming years in various phases.