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News prior to 2015

  1. Lahore Ahmadiyya Convention at the Mosque on 24–25 October 2014.
  2. Open Days held at the Mosque on 25–26 October 2014.
  3. Lange Nacht der Religionen — Long Night of Religions, Berlin, September 2012
  4. Report for period February–June 2012
  5. Visit to Berlin Mosque by Hazrat Ameer Dr. A.K. Saeed, Lahore Ahmadiyya Head, October 2011: Two Friday prayers and one symposium
  6. Photographs of the Berlin Mosque at the ‘Reconstruction Exhibition’ organised by
    the University of Technology, Munich, at the Museum of Architecture, August 2010
  7. Open Days at the Berlin Mosque, September 2009
  8. Activities and visits, April 2009
  9. Monuments Day at the Berlin Mosque, September 2008
  10. Offizielles Plakat zum Tag des offenen Denkmals 2008: Berliner Moschee der Lahore-Ahmadiyya-Bewegung und Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz

    (Click above link for: Official Poster for the Monument Open Day 2008: Berlin Mosque of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement and the German Foundation for Monument Protection.)

  11. Tag des offenen Denkmals in Berlin 2007
  12. Lahore Ahmadiyya Conference at the Berlin Mosque, May 2007: Report with photographs